Mission: Accomplished!

I got home from work on Friday to find that my tasty little peanut buttery friends had been returned!  They were sitting on my front porch just waiting for me.  When I looked inside the bag I also discovered that they had brought two extra bags of chocolate peanut butter goodness with them.  Now normally I might have been thrown off by this – I mean I wasn’t expecting company, I hadn’t cleaned or tidied up or anything.  But, given the joyful reunion, I didn’t let this bother me.  Instead, I wasted no time getting acquainted and reacquainted.

Thanks to Katherine for coming through with those.  And thank you to everyone who expressed your condolences for my loss.  I would invite everyone over to have a treat, but I don’t think they’re going to last that long.  If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wipe the chocolate off my face now.  Not to worry though, even though I have my chocolate back, The Blog Will Go On!

Under Pressure

I’ve discovered that blogging is actually harder than it seems.  At first glance you think, “I can write whatever I want, sort of like a journal.”  But then there are several realities that begin to sink in:

1) Do I really want everyone reading my journal about how I had a bad hair day, forgot to brush my teeth before leaving the house, and developed a crazy crush on . . . (What?  Like I was really going to say who.  Good try.)

2) While I generally tend to be long-winded when I write, blogs are built for brevity.  You see, if I blabber on in detail about every day occurrences then pretty soon the reader gives up only to awake a half hour later and discover that, in addition to the puddle of drool that now is her keyboard, she has the alphabet semi-permanently imprinted (in reverse, mind you) on her left cheek.

3) My journals tend to be overly dramatic, but mostly blah.  On a blog there is a lot of pressure to be funny.  Now, this shouldn’t be too hard since I embarrass myself multiple times on a daily basis.  Still, it’s a lot of pressure.  So, if one day you hear on the news that a girl was found wandering the streets of North Salt Lake, with only one shoe on, her shirt on backwards, carrying her laptop, and mumbling “It’s not funny.  Gotta update the blog.” you’ll know that I finally cracked.  (Now that I think about it, the shirt on backwards thing isn’t that strange.  I actually do that on a far too regular basis.  And now I’ve said too much . . . )

Well, don’t worry because there is still a Disneyland post to come.  Just thought I’d give you all something to live for.


PS – Does anyone else love that song by Queen?  Maybe it’s just me.  Personally, I love how the beginning sounds like Vanilla Ice.  Who doesn’t love a white guy that can rap?

Save the Chocolates!

I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve had a hard time finding that magical reason that would push me over the edge so that I couldn’t help but start one. Enter – this weekend.

So this weekend I took a trip down to California for my first ever trip to the magical kingdom that is Compton. (What other “magical kingdom” could I possibly be talking about?) Ok, ok, I went to Disneyland. It’s a true story that I’ve never been before, and yes, the trip was magical, but I’m going to have to save all that for another post.

It was on this magical journey to the land of the giant, delectable turkey legs (as if that’s not the first thing you think when you think of Disneyland) that I was encouraged by my fellow turkey leg devouring trip mates to start a blog. Now I wasn’t wholly convinced that this was for me until today, the day after the trip.

You see, as I was unpacking my suitcase I discovered I was missing a very important item – a partially eaten bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that I purchased the day after Easter. It didn’t take me long to guess which turkey-legger had them, and a quick phone call confirmed it. But then I heard the words that stopped me in my tracks, “You start a blog, and I’ll return the chocolates.”

How could this be? What did my chocolates ever do to deserve being separated from me in such a fashion? It was at that point that I could only see one way out. So, in an attempt to save my little chocholatey friends from being devoured at the hands and mouth of a merciless stranger, I give to the world . . . MY BLOG!

Enjoy the blog everyone! And to my chocolates I say, come home soon!