Hey, It’s What I Do

For those of you who have ever tried to get me to do something on a Saturday morning, have heard this response, “I can’t, I have to work at the boutique.” and secretly wondered “What on earth is the boutique?” — This post is for you.

So, I’m a little bit crafty. I by no means make any claims of being a crafty genius (for that you’ll have to look to my sisters), but somehow I inherited just enough creativity and handyman (or woman in my case) skills to be a little bit crafty and a lot bit dangerous (for those of you who know, cast your mind back to the Memorial Day Tablesaw and Emergency Room Extravaganza of ’07 – fun times). Anyway, my point is that I do a little woodworking on the side and sell my wares at a boutique (Whisperwood & Co. at 131 North Main St in Bountiful – really you should come check it out) and other various craft shows.

It all started about four years ago when my sister taught me how to make picture frames. I started making those and have since acquired a garage full of power tools and branched out into other areas including wooden flowers, magnet boards, and various other projects. It’s a nice little side hobby and helps keep me out of trouble–usually.

One day my parents were in town and my dad was explaining to me how to change the radiator cap on my car (I hadn’t bought a new cap yet, so he was just explaining it). When he was done I either looked a little unsure about it still or he just saw an opportunity (he always seems just a little worried about me being single) so he added a little piece of fatherly advice. He said, “You know, you should just invite a guy over and ask him if he can help you out.” I said that would work out great until I opened the garage and he saw that I owned more power tools than he did. To which my dad quickly replied, “Never, ever open the garage.” Yeah, I guess it’s hard to play the maiden in distress once they’ve seen you work the miter saw. That’s just my life I guess.

All Grown Up

It’s funny the milestones you reach in your life that make you feel like an adult. For me there have been many – taking out my first adult loan to buy a car, going to college, graduating from college, getting your first big job (and then your second and third), buying/building a townhome and buying furniture and everything that goes in it, and so on, and so on. Now those were all pretty big events in their own right, but somehow, I feel like I’ve now crossed another threshold into adulthood . . . that’s right, I’m actually paying for the Internet.

Now this may not seem like a big deal, but for some reason, to me it feels like all of a sudden life has changed for me. Does paying for the Internet mean that I suddenly have an adult-sized conscience? Well, I think more likely it means I just can’t stand being without my e-mail for such long periods of time. I feel so disconnected after 13 hours without e-mail.  So I guess I’m more like a 15-year-old than an adult after all. Mom, Dad, can I have $42.95? I need some cash to pay my Internet bill.

Where has all the Wi-Fi gone?

I have a perfectly good reason for my lack of blogging these days. Well, it’s fairly good at least. You see, every now and then I hit the jackpot with the Internet. It’s happened from time to time, and it happened again a few months back – someone who lives by me leaves their network unprotected. Translation: this cheapskate gets her Internet fix at home for FREE!

While this may sound good, there are a few drawbacks:
1) It’s generally a little on the slow side
2) I end up spending more time than necessary doing mindless things on the Internet
Now this one is the biggest drawback:
3) Eventually my neighbor gets smart and puts a password on their network

This last one usually results in several days of me turning on my computer with the hopes that somehow there just might be an open network I can join. In the end, I usually end up sad when every network is locked up tight. C’mon! Doesn’t anybody have any trust in humanity anymore? (says the girl stealing Internet service from her unsuspecting neighbors.)

Well, the truth of the matter is that I don’t really need Internet at home since I have it at work – that’s why I haven’t buckled down and gotten it yet. That, and the whole figuring out how to get it set up and what kind to get baffles me a tiny bit. Oh, and don’t forget the cheapskate part, that really is reasonably true. Occasionally it is needed, but don’t think I haven’t gone so far as to figure out where the hot spots in the neighborhood are that I can sit in my car with my laptop and get online in an emergency. Wow, now I sound a tiny bit on the crazy side. Anyway, the point is that without it I am usually ok. Although there is the fact that I am an e-mail junkie. I love getting e-mail, and the thought that someone might have e-mailed me and I don’t know it drives me a tiny bit crazy at times.

So, thus begins the great debate. Do I suck it up and pay for Internet? Or, do I learn to deal without it again and hope that one day a new tech-savvyless neighbor moves in and lets me return to my mooching ways? Sometimes life’s decisions are so hard.

Well, I have a lot more to write about the exciting happenings in my life, but I’ll save it all for another blog.