The Arrival

I was beginning to doubt it would ever come, but this week, it happened . . . I got my t-shirt for being a taco eating champion. Here are the pictures from the official t-shirt presentation ceremony. It was a lovely event held at Del Taco in Bountiful. There were many people in attendance. After the official presentation, the crowd enjoyed tacos, nachos, and churros. Thank you to everyone who came. Thank you also to everyone who cheered me on, offered to bring me Pepto Bismal afterwards, or just generally offered words of amazement and love. I couldn’t have become the Taco Night Titan without you!

Me and Chris (my taco and t-shirt benefactor) just before the official t-shirt presentation.

The moment I became the official “TNT”. Yes, there are 15 tacos on the shirt. Don’t worry, those aren’t the “actual” tacos. I asked Chris if TNT also represented the fact that I wanted to explode after having eaten that many tacos. He said I’d just given too much info and he didn’t want to talk about it.

Me, sporting my new shirt and displaying a taco. I did eat three tacos that night. I’m not quite back up to par yet, but the thought of them doesn’t disgust me anymore. That’s progress.

How Does That Happen?

I’ve never claimed to be overly coordinated, and today I proved, once again, why. This morning I somehow managed to stub my right toe into the heel of my left foot, which resulted in:

1) a stubbed toe
2) the loss of some skin
3) quite a bit of bleeding
Seriously? I don’t think I could recreate that scenario if I tried. And for your information, I do trim my nails regularly, so it’s not like I’ve got razor sharp claws–or talons, if you will. Only in my world could this happen. On second thought, maybe I am super coordinated to pull off a stunt like that.

Taco Tuesday Titan!

I have a little tradition with a few of my friends. We go to an Institute class on Tuesday nights and then head to Del Taco for Taco Tuesday–where you can get 3 tacos for $1.09. The tacos aren’t very big, and generally I can eat around 6 without feeling too bad about it.

A few weeks ago, Chris, a newcomer to Taco Tuesday night, dared me to eat 12 tacos the next week. Now, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I’m not one for backing down from a dare. He said he would buy my 12 tacos and make me a t-shirt if I did it. Even better! I also happen to have a soft spot for custom-made t-shirts. So the challenge was on!

Sometime between that night and the next week, Chris started to rethink things. He said he didn’t feel like me eating my weight in tacos was going to be enough, and he upped the challenge to 15 tacos. Luckily, the deal sweetened too. If I could eat 12, he would buy the tacos that night and I would still get my t-shirt. If I could eat 15, I would get the tacos, a t-shirt, and tacos for the rest of the semester. And so the challenge began . . .

Here I am with my tray o’ tacos–7 soft and 8 hard. The long-standing rule on Taco Tuesday night is that you have to alternate hard with soft. Do you see the look of optimism in my eyes?

Here I am with my first hard taco. I can totally do this.

My first soft taco . . . still feeling good.

This is the halfway point. I’m starting to lose a little color in my face, but at 7 1/2 tacos I haven’t really eaten that many more than I would have normally. I WANT that t-shirt!
I think this was lucky taco #12. It starts to get a little fuzzy at this point because I started blacking out from a cheese, meat, lettuce overdose.
Forty minutes after we started the challenge, I made it to taco #15. Everyone commented about how full the tacos were that night. Oh great! Why?!? Why did Del Taco pick that night to not go skimpy on their tacos? Luckily, there was a little taco in the bunch. That was my saving grace. If you look really closely at this picture I think you can see the tears in my eyes. But I was still determined to make it through.
Jerusha had said she was going to stand up and clap as I ate the last taco, and Sharley was going to film it. But, they both gave up about 3 minutes into it. I never said I would eat them quickly, I just said I would eat them.
Five minutes after I started the last taco, and 45 minutes after I started the whole challenge, I reached the final, victorious bite!
And then wanted to die!
The next morning when I got on the scale I had gained 3 pounds. Maybe eating 15 tacos at 10:30 at night and then going to bed isn’t a great idea. I think I only ate an orange and some pudding the next day. I think Chris gets off a little bit easily in this situation because I don’t really want to ever look at another taco again. Lesson learned!