A Little Bit of Summer

(Bryce Canyon)

My singles ward had its annual super activity in mid-June (I know, I’m a little late with this), and this year, the destination was Bryce Canyon. We left Thursday night and, true to form, I came back Friday night—a day early. I’m not sure why, but I have yet to stay for a whole super activity. Wait, that’s not entirely true, I do know why I don’t stay. My reasoning goes a little something like this:

1. Super activities generally involve me, sleeping in a tent, the hard ground, and really freezing cold feet.

2. A day in the wilderness means I haven’t showered, washed my hair, or put on makeup for a day.

(The bad part here . . . what goes down, must come up. It was a bit of a steep climb.)

Both of these factors generally lead to:

Me looking pretty hot.

Which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that:

I’m expected to meet new people and possibly even get my flirt on.

(At the bottom of our hike, just before heading back up.)
It’s not that I’m too much of a girly girl to be ok with the whole camping experience. My real problem is this . . . do I really want people’s first impression of me to include an unshowered, disheveled hair, make-up-free version of me? Not really. Because of that, I’ve decided that one day is plenty of time at the ward super activity for me to bond with nature and for nature to bond with me. Does that make me a stick in the mud?

(The whole super activity group.)
Well, the day that I did spend in Bryce Canyon was fun. We had a balloon toss and an egg toss, we went on a nice hike, and we played games and had a nice little fireside chat. Despite my stick-in-the-muddedness, I did have a good time and even met a few new people. Good for me. Good for me.