The Signs of Addiction

I recently discovered a couple of signs that I might have a chocolate addiction.
Sign #1 – After doing laundry and finding random spots of chocolate on my newly cleaned clothes, I opened the dryer to find this:

Sign #2 – My first thought was, “I hope it wasn’t something good.”

So, I’m thinking maybe it’s time to cut back on my chocolate consumption. Or, maybe I’ll just check my pockets more carefully when doing laundry. Yeah, that seems like a better plan.

Tacos? I’ll Take 16, Please.

To mark the one year anniversary of me becoming the “Tuesday Night Taco Titan” we had another Del Taco Taco Fest. Yes, February 16, 2010 will go down in history (and by “history” I mean it will be remembered for at least a week by the four people who read this blog) as “Taco Throwdown 2010!”
Basically this came about because I had some friends who started trash talking and saying they didn’t really think it would be hard to eat 15 tacos like I did last year. So, I issued a challenge to these friends to join me in a friendly taco eating extravaganza. Only one friend took the challenge. And so it began.
Here we are–Jerusha and myself–ready to embark on our meat, cheese, and lettuce adventure.
The crowd, eager with anticipation. Anxiously awaiting the start of the taco fest.
Jerusha opted to order 18 to start. Good luck, my friend.
And so it began . . .
A short time later my 15 tacos arrived.
The rules of the game: Order a combination of soft and hard tacos. Alternate between soft and hard.
Jerusha was about three tacos in when my order arrived. It wasn’t a speed competition, but I was still determined not to be outdone.
I quickly closed the gap and soon we were eating taco to taco.

We each had our own strategies. Jerusha was texting and laughing and enjoying the process. I knew better. I knew the pain that would soon come. I had my game face on and was focused on the task at hand. I stopped briefly to do a couple of jumping jacks to show I was feeling great. I quickly realized that doing jumping jacks after eating 10 tacos is a bad idea. I didn’t break focus again.
Around taco 12, things started to get difficult. I decided I would match Jerusha’s challenge and ordered three more tacos. Even Jerusha admitted that it was harder than she thought it would be. A small moral victory for me. I found that the soft tacos were the hardest to eat at this point because after 30 minutes the tortillas were cold and hard to chew. Here’s a tip for anyone seeking to hold their own Taco Throwdown: While all of the tacos on one tray may look super cool, you’re better off ordering the tacos as you go. It’s much easier to choke down massive amounts of fresh tacos than cold ones. It feels good to be able to pass such wisdom along.
When I got to taco 16, I knew I was in trouble. My aspirations of eating 18 quickly faded and I knew that #16 would be my last. I just kept repeating my taco night mantra “Eat through the pain. Eat through the pain.” Eventually, I made it. 16 tacos. A personal record over the 15 I ate last year.
Jerusha, on the other hand, was not content to tie. She went on to eat 18 and claim the Taco Title. Her mantra for the night “Eat every taco like it’s your first” seemed to prevail. Hats off to you.
In the end, there are no “winners and losers” in taco night. Really, there are only losers. Seriously, eating 16 or 18 tacos in one sitting–not a great idea. I quickly remembered the pain from the year before, and once again, I wanted to die. I decided there would be no “Taco Throwdown 2011.” But who knows, when next year rolls around I may not be able to resist the siren call of the tacos. It gets me every time.