Better than a Palm Reader

I love me a good fortune cookie. I’m not sure what part I love more–the cookie part, the fortune part, the little plastic baggie it comes in, or the part where I get to break the cookie open. At any rate, I’m a fan. Sometimes I keep the particularly good fortunes and carry them around in my wallet. In fact, I just dug out these three that I’ve been toting for the last several months:

Just in case you were wondering, I had written dates on the two that talked about “three months from this date” and all I have to say is . . . they lied. No matter though, I still carry them.

A couple of weeks ago we had Chinese food for lunch at work and I got a couple of great fortunes. One of them was this:

Just seconds after I opened it I got called into a meeting where I was asked to be on a team for a new business project. Wow!

A few days later I opened one of the leftover cookies and found this:

Since writing is a big part of my job, and really my life, it felt right. Ok, fortune cookie, I will write a letter this week!

So then I got to thinking, maybe there’s something to this whole fortune cookie stuff. Now I know there’s a Facebook application that will give you a fortune of the day, but where’s the fun in that? No cookie? No breaking stuff? No tiny little paper? BORING! So I went to the Asian market a couple of blocks away from my work and bought a couple of bags of fortune cookies. And you, dear reader, will get to enjoy my fortunes along with me. Here is the first one I opened:

For my Spanish speaking friends the fortune was conveniently written out for you too. Seriously? A Spanish fortune cookie? Ok.
I got kind of excited about this fortune until I realized that it didn’t say when. I guess even the fortune cookie doesn’t know all. And as a side note, the fortune cookies I bought smelled terrible! I tried to eat one . . . bad idea. But, I still get to break stuff and there’s still a tiny paper involved, so I’m content.
Friday I got this one:
I didn’t realize that awkwardness was a vitally needed social skill, but if the fortune cookie says so, then it must be true.

Today I opened a cookie that had two fortunes in it. Bonus! Here they are:

I’m thinking I really don’t have much of a choice but to do what the fortune cookies say. Stay tuned for the fortunes to come. I feel like this is a great plan!
Disclaimer: No, mom, I’m not really going to plan my life around a fortune in a cookie. I mean, it’s not like it’s real. After all, it’s not a horoscope or anything. 🙂

Have Skeeball Table, Will Travel

Let’s not mince words. . . I’m a genius. Now I fully believe that some of you out there doubt me when I say that. Don’t worry, I’m not mad. What I am, is bound and determined to prove my geniusness (look, smart people make up words all the time) to any and all doubters and to simply reaffirm it to those who already believe.

Case in point: I work for the advertising/public relations/public involvement/interactive agency Penna Powers Brian Haynes (PPBH). The main client that I work with is called TravelWise. A few months ago we started talking about promoting the TravelWise program at events and fairs throughout the summer. But first, we had to come up with an idea/gimmick to get people into our booth so we could educate them. I brainstormed for awhile and then. . . an idea so good came to me that it can only be described as being a stroke of genius. The client approved and I went to work building.
First, I started with this (well, this and a dream, but I’ll spare you the details):
After a few weeks of work and genius thinking, the result was this:
That’s right, I built a skeeball table! Which some little kids broke on it’s first day out. But not to worry, I’ve got plenty of genius to spare, so I concocted a new plan, put in a little more work, and ended up with this:
Not only did I come up with the idea and plans to build this contraption, but I made it collapsable so that it can be folded up and hauled from event to event. Ta da! (I guess maybe I should have said that before I posted the picture of the table because it seems a bit anti-climactic now.)
So who wants to doubt my geniusness now? That’s what I thought. And if anyone is hankering for a game of skeeball, just give me a call.

My Race Face

After completing a semi-dedicated three weeks of training (come on, like I’m supposed to run in the snow) I ran my second ever 5K last Saturday. My first 5k was, well, less than glorious, but this one proved to be much better. How could it not be? I mean, before I even took a step I was #1.

That’s what happens when you register for a race seven months in advance. I didn’t manage to finish in that same order, but I also didn’t finish where I thought I would. I had been thinking I might fall into the “first shall be last” category. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

The race was the 2010 Run to Walk to benefit the Now I Can Foundation. My friend Tracey (remember how I have a funny obsession with her celebritiness?) started this foundation to give physical therapy to kids with disabilities. It was a great course down in Provo, and as luck would have it, a gorgeous day! My brother Ken, friend Rebekah, and coworker Lora all joined in. Ken stuck with me the whole time and I am proud to say that I ran the entire thing. That may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but trust me, for me, it is. I even beat Ken! Ok, ok, he may or may not have let me win, but for the sake of this story, the important thing is that I won.

Totally a fun day! And so begins the first race of the season. Next on the agenda . . . another 5k, a 10k, and at the end of the summer, assuming I haven’t died by then, the Top of Utah Half Marathon! Wish me luck!

Lifestyles of the Rich and . . . Well, Rich

It was just yesterday afternoon that I was contemplating how many times I have gone to Wal-Mart and parked next to a Jaguar. It has really happened a lot. Every time it does it always begs the question, if you can afford a Jaguar, why are you shopping at Wal-Mart? It would seem that maybe you could afford more high class toilet paper and laundry detergent than the rest of us. Or maybe it’s a matter of being able to afford the Jaguar BECAUSE you shop at Wal-Mart.

So after I was thinking about this, I went to Wal-Mart last night only to park next to this guy:

Seriously? I was actually just sitting in the parking lot for a little while because I was on the phone, and while I was sitting there a girl in a sporty little Jaguar drove by. Who are these people? Am I the only person who finds this strange? At any rate, if this keeps up, my Chevy and I may start to feel a little out of place at such a fine establishment. Do you think the dollar store will still accept me for who I am?