Death by Snoring?

I know this isn’t the post you’ve all been waiting for, but I saw this ad on the Internet the other day and I couldn’t resist saying something about it.

Is snoring really a “silent killer?” First of all, there is nothing “silent” about snoring. I mean, that’s why it’s such a big deal in the first place, right? Second, have you ever known anyone who has died of snoring? Maybe it’s a crazy bad problem that I’m just not aware of. I mean, I haven’t researched (read: Googled) it, so it’s totally possible that I am wrong. And if you or a loved one has suffered death by snoring, then I officially apologize for my callousness. Please know that help is out there–it’s just a mummy-like chin wrap away. In fact, you may want to consider becoming an advocate and spreading the word of the dangers of snoring to cold-hearted people such as myself.