New Years in Hawaii

Don’t think for a second that I don’t know that it’s April. Just stop judging me already and let’s get on with this post, ok?

After having a pretty awful New Years for two years in a row, I decided pretty early on in 2010 that I was going to forgo any celebration to ring in 2011. That’s right, I wasn’t going to give the year 2010 a chance to kick me in the shins on its way out like ’08 and ’09 had done. So when my friend Melissa called and invited me to spend New Years in Hawaii with her and some other friends, I jumped at the chance (even though it was only May when she called.)
In the end, it turned out to be a wise decision for soooo many reasons. We went to Maui and stayed in a pretty nice hotel. The trip was an awesome mix of shopping, sight-seeing, and relaxing. It made the fact that I spent several hours of the vacation working seem not so bad. After all, working while sitting on a warm balcony is way better than working while looking out the window at a snow storm, right?
This was the view from the hotel elevator. Well hello, paradise.
After an extremely long day of flying and checking in and the like, we took a little walk on the beach our first night there. Let the relaxation begin.
We took a whale watching cruise.
Where we saw tons of these guys. We even saw one go breach. My favorite was when we saw two guy whales fighting over a girl whale and the girl took off but the guys were too busy fighting to notice. Silly whales.
We also came across a ton of these guys. They were swimming along with the boat and playing in the wake. Every now and then you would hear one jump into the bottom of the boat. Do dolphins get headaches?
New Year’s Eve was spent here.
And it was also spent back in the hotel room opening these. No offense, but Hawaiian fortunes aren’t that great. I think we were all asleep by 11:30, so my plan to avoid celebrating worked brilliantly!
We had breakfast at the Sea House restaurant with this view a couple of times. Overall, the food on the trip wasn’t very good, but this place was delicious and gorgeous.
At one point I saw this–a double rainbow! If only I knew what it meant.
We found a place where there were tons of surfers just hanging out waiting for the perfect wave. We saw one guy break his board in the surf. This guy was pretty good.
This guy wasn’t too bad either.
But none of them really compared to the skills of this girl. Oh wait, that’s me!
That’s right, we took surfing lessons and I got “surftified.” It was way fun, but tons of work paddling around. I mean, c’mon how am I supposed to get anywhere when I have Q-Tips for arms? My favorite was when I would paddle so hard and not get anywhere and the instructor would come over, put his foot on my board and tow me out.
My other favorite part happened when I couldn’t steer and ended up running my board up on the back of another surfer. Pretty funny, actually.
Of course, no trip would be complete without me getting injured. We were out snorkeling one day and as I was coming back in I kicked my fins off and was standing on some slippery rocks. A wave came in and pushed me off the rock and my toes got jammed into another rock. The diagnosis? A cracked bone in my foot. I didn’t let it slow me down though. Nope. I sucked it up and had fun anyway.
This was dinner at Cool Cats–what everyone said was the best burger on the island. Eh, I’ve had better. Cheeseburgers in Paradise beat this place hands down.
After dropping some people off at the airport the last day we had some time to kill. So, Sarah and I headed up to the top of Haleakala. You know, just a volcano. I was hoping there would be molten lava and stuff oozing out of the ground. No such luck.
It was a way fun trip and the perfect way to avoid an unwelcome holiday. Bring it on 2011. Bring it on!