I Knew It!

I just looked at my blog stats and they totally prove what I’ve always suspected . . . I’m huge in Japan! So here’s a shout out to my Japanese reader(s) whoever you are, and to all of my other international peeps too. And since I never get to do shout outs outside of the blog world, a world where I go when I want to pretend like everything I do has massive significance, I’m going to give a shout out to all of my U.S. readers as well. Thanks to everyone for making me feel important.

Wicked – Again

Just in case you thought I was joking when I said I was now obsessed with Wicked, I wasn’t. I wanted to see it again so bad after watching it the first time in California. Since it was going to be in Boise, a mere 4 1/2 hours away, the beginning of May, I decided I had to go.

Even though the shows were all sold out, I was able to buy some tickets through the local classifieds. The problem was that I had plans both weekends it was going to be in town which meant it would have to be a quick mid-week trip. I wasn’t going to let that stand in my way. Nope, I’m just that dedicated.

My friend Kathryn and I headed up on Thursday after lunch. We got up there just in time to grab dinner and head to the show. The theater was much smaller than the one in California and we had pretty good seats.

The show was still A-MAZING! Not quite as magical as the first time because I knew what to expect and may or may not have memorized the words to every song, but still awe inspiring. It was the same cast that I saw in California, except for Elphaba, who was played by the standby since the main one was on vacation.

I had heard that after the show you can go to the stage door and meet the actors, so we decided to give it a try. Sure enough, we ran into these two:
The flash wouldn’t go off on my camera and it started to get awkward after a few attempts, so we made due with this pic. That’s Christine Dwyer on the left and Natalie Daradich on the right. Usually, they look like this:

That’s right, Elphaba and Glinda! They were so nice! Natalie is from Toronto, so it was fun to make a little connection. We also met Dr. Dillamond and a few other cast members. They were all very gracious and friendly and chatted with us for a little bit. So cool! I was in heaven.

After that, it was time to head back home. That’s when it happened. Yep, it’s not really a vacation until I get injured in some way, and this trip was no exception. I was filling my car up with gas and when I went to step over the hose I caught my heel on it and fell down on my left knee. We’re talking a clumsy, hands up in the air act of grace that only I could pull off. I was so embarrassed. I tried to pretend like it didn’t happen and got up and went into the gas station to change for the drive home only to discover that the store clerk had watched the whole thing (that reminds me, I need to check YouTube to see if a video of it has been posted).

By the time I changed clothes, my knee was already stiff, swollen, and black and blue. A lot of Tylenol and a bag full of ice and we hit the road (figuratively, not literally this time). The good news is that because of the fall I was wide awake for the long, late night drive home. The better news is that the Dr’s appointment the next day showed that aside from a ruptured Bursa sac and some bruised bones and cartilage, there wasn’t anything major wrong. The diagnosis: walk it off for the next 3-4 weeks. Not what you want to hear when it hurts to bend your knee, but whatever.

Even with the fall, the trip (no pun intended) to Boise was totally worth it. Yes, I’m still slightly obsessed with all things Wicked. But I think I can now resume my normal life knowing that I won’t be seeing it again anytime soon.

Fortune Cookie Friday

I’m bringing back Fortune Cookie Friday! Although, I think it’s time I invested in some new fortune cookies. These fortunes are horrible!

I’ve actually been unwittingly living by this fortune lately. I’ve done enough testing to know that it’s a lie. Ok, not a total lie, but a lie nonetheless.

You see, I’ve been devouring leftover Easter candy like it’s going out of season, because, well, because it is in fact out of season. Anyway, while my happiness level has increased, my overall circumference has also increased. The latter has led to my happiness level decreasing more than the candy increased it.

Now I’m no genius, and I’m CERTAINLY not a math whiz, but it seems like that is an unbalanced equation. My scale thinks so too.

So, thanks for the lies, fortune cookie. Your only redeeming quality is that you’re expired and smell horrible, so I’m not even tempted to eat you to suppress the hurt and anger you’ve caused me today.

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Wicked Girl’s Weekend

My sister Jan thought it would be fun to go to California to see Wicked and have a girl’s weekend the first weekend in April. Turns out, she was right. Who knew? 🙂

My sisters, Jan and Laurie, and my niece, Kenna, and I flew to Orange County for the adventure.
We met up with our sister-in-law, Jenny, our nieces, Nicole and Rachel, and our cousin Tara. We went to Huntington Beach on Friday before the show and had lunch, hung out on the pier, and dipped our feet in the ocean. It was a gorgeous day in sunny So Cal. It just so happens that we missed the first 70 degree weather day in Utah, but don’t worry, we made it back just in time for the next snow storm.

We let the boys to crash our party and have dinner at Claim Jumper with us before the show.

I guess this is proof that even after all of the “tickle tortures” and harassing, siblings can be friends when they grow up.

Despite the fact that we were sitting a million miles away from the stage, the show was A-MAZING! It was my first time seeing it, and really, I didn’t even really know the storyline beforehand. It turns out, not knowing much about it worked in my favor and made it totally magical.

If you’ve ever talked to anyone about seeing Wicked, you’ve probably noticed how their eyes light up and they get really excited about it. Now, I like the theatre and musicals in general, so I expected I would like the show, but I didn’t think there was any way it could live up to all of the hype. I was wrong. I LOVED it! Such good music, and such an amazing story line. It turns out, I’ve now developed an obsession with all things Wicked. Seriously. No, seriously, I have.
“Congratulotions” to our nephew, Brad, who joined us for the show and still managed to like it, even with all of the giggling and impressions of Glinda we subjected him to. We were all just “a little perky.” “Toss. Toss. He he he he he he he.”

The next morning we went to LA in search of the elusive “Fabric District.” Not only did we find it, but while there we also found this fetching piece of material. It’s like they always say, “The family that wears a giant piece of fabric as a scarf together . . .” Wait, isn’t that how it goes? Well, it should be.

We also ran into the Easter Bunny! He was almost easier to find than the Fabric District was.
And that was the end of the girl’s weekend. So much fun to hang out and play together. We should definitely make this an annual tradition.

Stock Photography

I was reading the headlining news story the other day when the stock photography they used caught my eye.

Notice anything strange? Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Holy fingernails, Batman! That’s just not right. Now maybe I’m just showing my jealous side because I’m a nail biter and never have lovely 3-inch nails to get painted up pretty like these darlings. Or maybe there’s a reason you don’t see nails like this too often. Reason being: They’re ugly. (Just in case you missed what I was trying to say there.)
In the end, I really couldn’t tell you what the article said or what it’s reasoning was because I just got lost in the photography and started asking questions like, “Is it hard to pump gas with those nails?” “Could she afford the rising price of gas if she spent less money on manicures?” “Can you get those done at just any nail salon, or do you have to find one that has a blind nail technician who won’t gag at the sight of them?” And lastly, “I wonder if she’s ever accidentally poked herself in the eye with one of those?”