The Dating Diaries, Episode 2: Dating FAQ

So many dating questions, so little time. If you’ve been looking for dating advice, look no further than this episode of The Dating Diaries, where I answer some of the most common dating questions I hear.

Do you have a dating question you’d like answered? Feel free to leave it in the comments and I may answer it for you in an episode of The Dating Diaries.

Breaking Utah, My Plan to Move to New York

There’s a new TV show called Breaking Amish that airs on TLC this Sunday. Have you heard of it? It’s about a group of Amish young adults who leave their communities to live in New York for awhile. Ultimately they each have to decide if they want to stay Amish. While I haven’t seen anything more than the preview, it looks like it could be a good, if not heart-wrenching show.

Breaking Amish, TLC, New York

When I saw the preview, I asked myself, “If a group of Amish young adults can up and move to the Big Apple, why can’t I?” Some of you may know that I have always been fascinated by New York City and have been considering a move there for almost a year. Last October I was determined to make it happen, and planned on hitting the road in early July. Then, my job situation changed, and the timing just wasn’t right. A few weeks ago I started to get the itch again, and this time, I really want to make it happen.

New York City Skyline Mural
I created this mural of the New York City skyline on the wall of my office.

A lot of people think I’m crazy. They may be right. Did I mention I’ve never even VISITED New York? I’ve always loved big cities, and I lived in Toronto, Canada while I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so I feel like I’ve got a good idea of what New York is like. Maybe that’s just me being naive.

I Love NY

Regardless, I’m working on building up my clientele list so I can do freelance writing and marketing in New York, and started looking for full-time jobs too. (Hey, I like options.) I’ve got my sites set on January to make the move, and I just keep telling myself, “If a group of Amish young adults can move there, so can I.”

I just don’t think I can resist the siren call of the city for much longer. So wish me luck, or better yet, come with me! And if you know of anyone looking to hire a super cool writer  and marketer in New York City, send them my way.