A Good Friend

Don’t be confused, the post headline is referring to me. I have a couple of friends trying to sell their condos. One of them, we will call her “Richelle” (that’s her name as spoken by Astro from The Jetsons – not to give anything away), has been bugging me to post a link to her place. And being the obliging person that I am, and always willing to go the extra mile, I am posting links for both friends. One is in Salt Lake and one is in Bountiful, so they’re not really competing with each other, are they? Anyway, if you know of anyone who’s looking for a place, here are a couple of options:

In Salt Lake City –

In Bountiful –


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  1. You’be been tagged!
    Here’s the instructions:
    1. find the nearest book
    2. turn to page 123
    3. read the 5th line of the page
    4. post it on your blog
    5. tag 5 people

    I got tagged with this and now you’re one of my 5! I’m supersticious (sp?) so I figured I’d better do it (and so had you:))
    Love ya,

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