Alright, Already!

I’ve had many people (ok, so it’s more like two) ask me why I haven’t updated my blog lately. “You’re unemployed!” they say. “You must have plenty of time. What’s stopping you?”
Well, to all of you naysayers out there, I’ll have you know that just because I am not earning an income for the things I do, it doesn’t mean I’m not gainfully employed. For example, I still have to wake up every morning, eat, shower, and get dressed. I still have to do laundry and go grocery shopping. Ok, the grocery shopping was a lie because, let’s face it, I didn’t do that before. But still, there’s plenty to do to occupy my time. I’ve even taken the time to read a book. That’s right! I read a book. Sure, it was only 150 pages long, but still, I read it! I’m even considering reading another one. . . just because.

(This is the book I read. I recommend it. I usually like the books I read, I just don’t usually take the time to read. Mostly, I just had to put a picture of something in this blog post because my sister Jan gets mad if a post doesn’t have a picture. So here you go.)

So you see, I have an excuse for taking a reprieve from the blogging world. Ok, the real excuse is that while I have been keeping busy, I’m not sure how interesting any of my daily activities are. Nevertheless, to satisfy my demanding public, I hereby commit to be a better blogger! (I kind of sound like I should be running for some sort of office. Hey, maybe that should be my new career path. Vote for Melanie!)



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