Better than a Palm Reader

I love me a good fortune cookie. I’m not sure what part I love more–the cookie part, the fortune part, the little plastic baggie it comes in, or the part where I get to break the cookie open. At any rate, I’m a fan. Sometimes I keep the particularly good fortunes and carry them around in my wallet. In fact, I just dug out these three that I’ve been toting for the last several months:

Just in case you were wondering, I had written dates on the two that talked about “three months from this date” and all I have to say is . . . they lied. No matter though, I still carry them.

A couple of weeks ago we had Chinese food for lunch at work and I got a couple of great fortunes. One of them was this:

Just seconds after I opened it I got called into a meeting where I was asked to be on a team for a new business project. Wow!

A few days later I opened one of the leftover cookies and found this:

Since writing is a big part of my job, and really my life, it felt right. Ok, fortune cookie, I will write a letter this week!

So then I got to thinking, maybe there’s something to this whole fortune cookie stuff. Now I know there’s a Facebook application that will give you a fortune of the day, but where’s the fun in that? No cookie? No breaking stuff? No tiny little paper? BORING! So I went to the Asian market a couple of blocks away from my work and bought a couple of bags of fortune cookies. And you, dear reader, will get to enjoy my fortunes along with me. Here is the first one I opened:

For my Spanish speaking friends the fortune was conveniently written out for you too. Seriously? A Spanish fortune cookie? Ok.
I got kind of excited about this fortune until I realized that it didn’t say when. I guess even the fortune cookie doesn’t know all. And as a side note, the fortune cookies I bought smelled terrible! I tried to eat one . . . bad idea. But, I still get to break stuff and there’s still a tiny paper involved, so I’m content.
Friday I got this one:
I didn’t realize that awkwardness was a vitally needed social skill, but if the fortune cookie says so, then it must be true.

Today I opened a cookie that had two fortunes in it. Bonus! Here they are:

I’m thinking I really don’t have much of a choice but to do what the fortune cookies say. Stay tuned for the fortunes to come. I feel like this is a great plan!
Disclaimer: No, mom, I’m not really going to plan my life around a fortune in a cookie. I mean, it’s not like it’s real. After all, it’s not a horoscope or anything. 🙂


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