Book Tag

So, I’ve received my first tag from my sister Jan. Here’s the deal:

1. pick up the nearest book
2. turn to page 123
3. find the 5th sentence
4. post the 5th sentence on your blog

Well, I’m not much of a reader, but I do happen to work for a book publisher/retailer, so I have a book or two laying around. The closest book is “Finding the Angel Within: Spirituality, Body Image, and Self-Worth” by Pamela H. Hansen. I was reading in it a little bit because I was writing a radio ad for it. It’s a follow-up to “Running with Angels” and from what I’ve read it’s pretty good. Just in case you were wondering – “Finding the Angel Within” is available at Deseret Book,, or wherever fine LDS products are sold.

Moving on to the quote:

“How badly do I want it?”

Not too exciting, but fairly applicable to my life. With so many choices and busy things popping up in my life I find myself consciously or unconsciously asking myself this question a lot. Do I go after something? Do I do this, or that? It all comes down to how badly I want the end result. Well, that, and how much chocolate is involved, and where my sense of apathy happens to be at that very moment. Hey, sometimes you just want to take a nap, ok!?!

Words to live by. Thanks for the tag, Jan!



  1. for us dummies, what is meant by “book tag”?
    And thats quite a quote. Did it make you wake up and do some serious soul searching??

  2. BTW, I suggest tagging people and insisting they use Non-Fiction books, Or else you may get a sentence like mine….”Ay?”
    Not all that profound…Lets see “How badly do I want it?” versus “Ay?”…yeah, non-fiction is definitely the way to go!

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