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Field Trip Friday: NYC Mel and Citibike

Melanie on Citibike NYC

Riding a bike in the city has always terrified me.


Come on, have you ever seen how New Yorkers drive? Now imagine this:

New York Drivers + Clumsy Melanie = Disaster Waiting to Happen

Seriously though, it seems like a pretty bad idea. That didn’t stop me from accepting an invitation from my friend, Nicole, to ride bikes downtown one Saturday. I met up with Nicole, her cousin, and Deb to start the adventure . . . and that’s when things started to go wrong.

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Field Trip Friday: NYC Mel and the US Open

US Open 2013 Arthur Ashe Stadium

Welcome to the latest feature on my blog:

Field Trip Friday.

I spent a good portion of the month of August putting in long hours on a couple of work projects. While it was great and productive, and blah, blah, blah, at the end of the month I realized there were way too many days when I didn’t leave the house (or shower, or change out of my pajamas, but let’s not talk about that now). If not leaving my house is the name of the game, then I should probably be living somewhere, oh, I don’t know, cheaper?

So I decided I needed a little motivation/reminder to make sure I am getting off my couch, out of my pajamas, and really experiencing the great things New York City has to offer. So starting today, I will be doing a Field Trip Friday post every Thursday.

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