Cousin Night O’ Fun: Jr. Edition

(I wrote this a little while ago, but didn’t get it posted, so here it is–late, but here . . . that’s the story of my life!)

So Cousin Night O’ Fun isn’t just for the older cousins. My oldest brother Mick and his family were passing through town on their way back home to California so we Utahns all got together with them at a bbq at my sister’s house. It was a fun night complete with great food, 11 (out of 14) nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, and a lot of typical Donahoo gathering humor. It was a great time.

After dinner all of the kids went swimming and then posed for a couple of group pictures. Not the greatest/most composed of pictures (you try getting 11 kids to hold still, look at the camera, and smile when it’s past their bedtime), but you can tell they all had a great time.

So fun to see everyone. Wish we could all get together more often. Mom, Dad, Russ and family, and Ken, we missed you. It’s sad to think that the summer is almost over. Where has it gone?


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