Date #4 of My 12 Dates of Christmas: Brad

Brad’s boss, Michael, volunteered him for the 12 Dates of Christmas. How do you say no to your boss, right?

When I called Brad to set up the date, he said all he had been told was that I needed his help with “a charity project.”


I think I died a tiny bit inside at that moment.

I actually thought it was funny. I don’t think Brad got as much amusement out of it as I did. At any rate, I explained the whole deal to him, and he was nice enough to go along with it anyway. I thought I would cut him some slack and offer him a lunch date so he would get put out of his misery as quickly as possible, and he seemed a little relieved at the gesture.

12 Dates #4 Brad

Now I don’t want to say that I’d set low expectations for this date, but based on the initial phone conversation, I’d set REALLY low expectations for this date. So I was pretty surprised when Brad planned a “grub crawl” for us. The idea was that we’d go to different restaurants and have a single course at each one.

Creativity within a lunch date? AND by someone who was kind of tricked into going in the first place? Bonus points for Brad on all accounts!

The first stop was the Nordstrom Café. Getting into the café proved to be a bit of a challenge. I think the scene played out something like this:

It’s ok, Brad, doors can be tricky. They’re especially confusing when they have words like “PUSH” printed on them. The good news is he took it all in stride and was able to laugh it off.

From there we hit Michelangelo’s on Main for some appetizers. Look, for those of you who are wondering about the fact that I keep being seen eating salads, just know that I don’t know what’s gotten into me either.

12 Dates #4 Salad

It was over this course that Brad told me about the dare his boss had given him. Apparently he told Brad to ask me at the end of the date if I like spontaneous guys. If I said yes, Brad was dared to kiss me. I was told that was my warning. Noted.

Our next course took us to the Nauvoo Café. I used to love going to this place when I worked downtown. Their sandwiches are so good. Turkey, pepperjack cheese, and a tangy cranberry orange relish that’s all toasted under a broiler? Yes please! Over the main course I learned a little bit about Brad’s time at BYU Hawaii (seriously, who just up and goes to BYU Hawaii? I’m a tiny bit jealous I never thought of it), the master’s degree program he’s in now, and how he’s more coordinated at skiing/snowboarding than I am. Oh, and I think there was a shark attack story in there somewhere.

12 Dates #4 Nauvoo

Our last stop was to Farr’s for some frozen yogurt and more conversation. I thought this was the perfect way to finish the date, but I was wrong.

12 Dates #4 Yogurt

As we walked back to Brad’s office he asked me if I liked spontaneous guys. I hemmed and hawed about it for a bit, but he wasn’t letting it go. I didn’t know what to say.

The real answer on any given day would be yes.

The answer given what I knew was riding on my answer was . . . well, yes.

So finally I said it, “Yes, I do.”

That’s when he stopped right there on the sidewalk and KISSED ME!

I honestly about fell over. I never thought he would actually do it. Even as he was leaning in and getting closer I kept waiting for the punch line. I thought he would pull a chocolate kiss out of his pocket or something. Nope, he was for real.

I guess the tables were turned now and I was the one in shock. Well played, Brad. Well played.

We got back to his office and as I went to give him a hug, he said, “Again?” and gave me another kiss.

The whole thing was totally unexpected and, I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome.

Now THAT was the perfect way to finish the date!



  1. Wow, your dates seem to keep getting more awesome! Really jealous of these guys, they seem so on their game. You going to find a real winner Melanie I know it! Thanks for blogging about your date I am learning a lot.

  2. Ok, so he has a job (points), he’s even a boss. He was fun (points). He’s a good kiss (lots of points).

    My theory is unless you hated or were scared by the person, always go out twice. Why? It’s much more laid back than the first date and you get to know them a lot better the second time.

    So…will there be a 2nd date? We’re wondering if any of these will have a part 2.

    Blog on

    1. Thanks! Wait, didn’t you JUST have a baby? As in like seven hours ago? I wish everyone were as dedicated to my blog as you are. 🙂 Congrats on the new little guy!

  3. Brad is a stud. I think he deserves a second date. And…he has moves. Of course, I’m biased because our cubicles are right by each others. And…I owe him lunch. I didn’t think he’d kiss you either.

    1. Ha! Sorry you lost a bet on the deal. As for the second date . . . well, I just don’t know about that. I mean, do you really think he deserves one? I might be willing to concede just to give him a chance to prove he knows how to open a door. Maybe you can help him practice beforehand?

      Here are some basics you can review with him:



      I think that about covers it. Let me know how it goes.

  4. This design is wicked! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented
    it. Too cool!

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