Date #7 of My 12 Dates of Christmas: Josh

After spending the weekend babysitting these cute little people while my sister and her husband were out of town, I headed out for Date #7 with Josh, a good friend of mine.Parker Layni Zach

Josh and I met at the same time as Chad (AKA Date #3) and I. In fact, Chad and Josh go waaaaaay back, and Josh puts forth a lot of effort to teach Chad what it means to have tact. As a result, there are many conversations that start like this, “Chad, what you were supposed to say was . . .”

For example, when I was trying on a sweatshirt and asked Chad how it looked, his response was, “It looks kind of small to me.”

Translation = You look chubby

That’s where Josh stepped in to save the day, or at least Chad. He explained to Chad that what he should have said was something along the lines of, “I think these sweatshirts run small.” So basically, while Chad got shorted in the tact department, Josh seems to have gotten a double helping.

12 Dates #7 Josh

In our group of friends, Josh is known as the chef-y one. He loves to cook and bake and is always trying new concoctions. I learned a trick early on with him. You see, he would post pictures on Facebook (because he chooses to abstain from all other forms of social media—I think he’s mentioned something about Twitter and Instagram being of the devil, or some such sappy sentiment) of food he had made, or status updates about things he was going to make, and I would post some sort of a comment. Then, that very same food would magically appear at my door. It was magical. Sadly, Josh has moved further away, so the magical appearance of food doesn’t happen very often anymore.

So with Josh being his chef-like self, it only makes sense that our date would revolve around food. The night started out with this feast prepared by Josh. And just because he knows me so well, those mashed potatoes? Yeah, they have bacon in them! Yum!

12 Dates #7 Dinner

After dinner we played a game of Diddy. Never heard of Diddy? Well, it’s more commonly known as Farkle, but our friends have renamed it Diddy after me. Diddy is, of course the name I would use if I were a radio DJ. What? You mean to tell me you don’t have your radio DJ name picked out? Anyway, if you think it’s flattering that I have a game named after me, then you clearly don’t know my friends. They named it after me because I lose at it so much. Thanks, guys.

12 Dates #7 Diddy Dice

The surprise of the night came when I not only beat Josh, but I creamed him! The game ends when one player reaches 10,000 points.

Final Score:

Josh = 9,400

Melanie = 12,050

It’s obvious that I am a very humble and gracious winner.

12 Dates #7 Diddy

It’s a good thing I won, because the next activity was something I do NOT excel at—making caramel (Pronounced “Carmel” because only a crazy person actually enunciates that a in the middle). A couple of months ago Josh hosted a dinner party and I needed caramel sauce for the dessert I was bringing. I didn’t have any and it was Sunday, so I attempted to make it myself.

Epic Fail.

Let me give you a little tip, when it turns back into sugar, you’re doing it wrong.

So I think the caramel making activity was Josh’s tactful way of showing me I was an idiot for screwing it up before. Even so, I was happy to learn. After we were done, Josh realized he forgot to add the cream. Ha! I guess I’m not the only one who makes mistakes with caramel. Unfortunately they still turned out great, so my gloating was very short-lived.

12 Dates #7 Caramel

If you think the caramels were our dessert, think again! Josh had made two mini cheesecakes—a cherry almond one, and a cinnamon cranberry one. Seriously, now you see why I stay friends with him, right? But before we could eat them, we had to whip up some fresh cranberry glaze to top it off. Because, why wouldn’t we?

I’m not going to lie, they were delicious! Totally worth eating salads on all those other dates just to be able to enjoy these.

12 Dates #7 Cheesecakes

And not to take away from their deliciousness, but let’s be honest, if something has sugar in it, I’m into it. Or better yet, if something IS sugar, I’m into it.

Luckily for me, Josh understands this. That’s why before we started cooking he gave me a handful of this raw sugar. You know, to give me more energy to get me through the grueling cooking process.

12 Dates #7 Raw Sugar

Now I know they say the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same path for me too. The good food and quality time with a good friend definitely made for a great Date #7.



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