Dear John, Even the Drunk People Didn’t Think You Were Funny

A summer night, friends, the great outdoors, and the music of John Mayer and Colbie Caillat–what could be better? Well, for starters, how about John Mayer keeping his trap shut except to sing? Yes, that would be better.

A group of us bought our tickets to this concert a few months back. I love the music of John Mayer and it was a double bonus that Colbie Caillat was opening for him (I’m a huge fan) and that it was an outdoor concert. I’ve seen both John and Colbie in concert before and my only complaint for both of them is that I wished they would speak more with the audience. Well, at this concert they did. Colbie came across a little rehearsed, but she was trying, so I was happy. As for John, he rambled on and on and made absolutely no sense (something even he admitted at one point) and then complained that Salt Lake didn’t “get his sense of humor.” I thought maybe it was something you had to be drunk to appreciate, but as I watched the drunk people around us, they didn’t get it either. Maybe John was a tiny bit tipsy himself.

Another great bonus was that we ended up sitting behind my friend Jamie from work and her boyfriend. We spent a lot of time entertaining ourselves taking pictures of them from behind. Chris, this one’s for you. If you want to see more of the shots, let me know, I’ve got about 15 of them.

At one point Katie said she would pay me $20 to just walk up and start dancing with some drunkish people who were feelin the groove. I worked up my courage and below is a picture of me shakin’ it with my new tie-dye shirted friend. I’m a little sad that he wasn’t wearing his cowboy hat in this picture, but you get the idea. A little later in the concert they even came and got me to dance with them again. I love making new friends. 🙂 Somehow though, my $20 from Katie evolved into a free slurpee instead. I’m not sure how that happened, but it was still worth it.

Overall it was a great night, even if I did discover that aside from his brilliant songwriting/playing abilities, John Mayer is an idiot. Please John, don’t speak.


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  1. Okay…a few things…you know John Mayer has recently fallen in love with my friend,Jen A., right? Cut him some slack! He’s in lala land these days!:) I’m not a big fan of his music, but I do have to defend love! It does strange things to you!:) Speaking of strange things…dancing with the drunk? AND being paid to do it?:) I LOVE IT! And for an extra bonus…the tie dyed shirt! You’re really coming out of your shell!:)

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