I’m 28 years old and until last weekend, have never been to Disneyland. I’m not sure if this was due to a lack of interest on my part as a child, a deprived childhood, or the number of hours that my parents spent convincing us kids that spraying each other with the hose in the backyard was just as fun as Splash Mountain. Well, it turns out they were right about that one at least.
So, it was off to Disneyland with my cousin Katie (who had also never been) and some of her friends from work. Fast forward to our Disneyland arrival. We got to the park around 9:30 and went to ride the Matterhorn. When we came off we were handed a tag and told we had just won in the Year of a Million Dreams and were given fast passes (tickets that move you to the front of the line) for every major ride in both parks. Lucky day! So day 1 was off to a pretty good start. We packed in 15 rides without even trying that hard and we still had two days to go. Now for the rest of the highlights:

1) I HATE Splash Mountain! It sounds pretty harmless, right? Just a little splash, a sprinkle if you will. We had just gotten on the ride when it donned on me – I hate getting wet in my clothes. This was going to be a problem, especially since Katie’s friend Nate, who had met us at Disneyland, was in the front of the boat and we were bottoming out on every little bump. Too late to turn back, I decided I was going to beat the system and duck down. Well, on the first little hill I got into position only to watch a wave come over the side of the boat and my head and drench me. No one else got wet on that one, just me. Good work, Mel! By the end of the ride I was soaked from head to toe (I was still wearing jeans and regular shoes too since we hadn’t checked into our hotel yet). Everyone was pretty wet actually, but I was wet AND angry. Can someone explain to me why the Disney people think it’s fun to get people soaking wet and then send them into an air conditioned cave for a couple of minutes to watch bunnies dance and sing? I was not amused. Sadly we didn’t get any pictures of us all wet, but I did snap this one of Katie asleep on a wall when we all stopped to dry out (notice the wet pants).

2) On day two we took the morning to go shopping at H&M. Unlike Splash Mountain, I LOVE H&M! At H&M I guess Katie decided we looked too much like tourists. Enter the sunglasses, you know, the kind you put on and all anyone can see of your face is your nose and chin. Good find, Kate. The rest of the trip we were California stylin’ fo sho! We hit the park around 5, went to see Aladdin, and still made it on quite a few rides.

3) I thought it would be funny to get a picture posing like these bears in the California Adventure park. I got on Katie’s shoulders and we took the picture, but the top bear got cut off. It just looked silly without the top bear, so we decided to try again. The problem is that this time when I, genius that I am, jumped to get on Katie’s shoulders, I jumped head first into the bear’s paw. End of photo shoot, beginning of concussion. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but I was a little dazed and immediately got a huge bump and a sore head that eight days later is still sore.
4) Sunday was pretty chill. Our cousin Tara came and got us and we went to church with her, took a walk down the pier (it was a short walk and a long pier, not the other way around) and went to Mick and Jenny’s (my brother and sister-in-law) for dinner, playing with the kids, and talking. Oh, and Katie slept – again.

5) Back at the hotel we discovered that while we were gone, Joey, who’s phone gave up the ghost on Splash Mountain and followed the path previously travelled by her computer and camera (apparently technology hates her), had started a computerless blog – aka, some writing in a notebook. What? Now everyone is starting a blog?!? The pressure to start a blog mounts.
6) Monday we hit some more rides and enjoyed the aforementioned turkey leg. Really, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, but it sure smelled delicious! Gimme a “T!” Gimme an “Urkey Leg!” What does it spell? Turkey Leg! Really, everything is better when you cheer it.
7) When we were leaving the Tower of Terror (after riding on it twice in a row) I saw Paige Davis! I am a huge fan of the TLC network, and love Trading Spaces (a design show that is hosted by Paige Davis). After getting all giddy, taking her picture, and excitedly saying hello, we left to take naps on some benches.

8) Nap time was rudely interrupted by some Disney security guards who informed us that while sleeping on the benches was ok, sleeping on the walkway was not. He asked if we would all climb up on benches to take our naps. Done, and done! Actually, by then it was almost time to leave for the airport, so we called it a day.
9) Oh, I nearly forgot about flip flop skiing while waiting in line at Space Mountain. Trust me on this one, it’s going to be the next big thing.

Well, there you have it. Fast Passes. Wet clothes. Shopping and sunglasses. A concussion. Family time. Turkey legs. Paige Davis. And naps on park benches. I’m sure I’ve left tons of stuff out, but you get the idea. I tried to be brief, really I did. Conciseness is not my friend.


  1. Mel, how can you not like splash mountain? That’s the best one. Well don’t worry. Emily didn’t like it either.

    p.s. nice blog 🙂

  2. Ok I just might have laughed through your whole post.(You’re right playing in the yard was much more fun than Disneyland) Welcome to the blogging world! 🙂 I’m loving the Jackie O’s!

  3. Mel, I’m a little bitter that you went to Disneyland and didn’t call me… I have a season pass yo and Brett’s girlfriend is the granddaughter of Dick VanDyke and she could have gotten you as many free tickets as you want (apparently Disney is still very grateful for his role in Mary Poppins???)…well maybe just bitter that you were in LA and didn’t call me. CHELLOOOO? I live there!!!! Next time you are here you better call me you cotton headed ninnymuggins!

  4. I am highly distressed, not to mention worried. I mean, we totally hung out last night and I didn’t even MENTION your fabulous blog. Let me assure you there is a VERY good reason for this. I went to check my email this morning, and decided what the heck, I may as well clean out my spam. That’s when I discovered the email announcing the birth of your blog (I’m a little birth obsessed right now). How could Google make such a disastrous mistake in thinking YOU the great Melanie Donahoo were spam?!?! I have already missed precious days of blog-stalking you. I have written a complaint to Google about this egregious error…I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I’m so excited to blog-stock you. and it was SO good to hang out with you last night…sorry that there was a misunderstanding about what “just come for the good food” really entailed…

  5. That picture doesn’t even give flip flop skiing the credit it deserves. It looks like we are just posing in the picture when in reality our hearts were racing with excitement, we were careening around corners with reckless abandon…

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