Do I Smell Bacon?

It all started with a gourmet food catalog selling a bacon chocolate bar. I had heard about the candy bar just before going with my ward to Zion’s National Park and it became a topic of discussion on the trip. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, so there was a lot of speculation. Was it bacon flavored chocolate (that’s what we thought was most probable) or did it actually have pieces of bacon in it? Everyone said they thought it sounded gross, but I stood my ground and said I thought it could be really good. Despite my doubtful friends, or probably because of them, I said I would buy one of those bars and we would all try it.

So, in my determination to prove them wrong, I ordered a few of what I assumed would be tasty treats and hosted a bacon party. What, like you’ve never hosted a bacon party? It turned into a dinner party with bacon cheeseburgers, baked beans with bacon, strawberry spinich salad with bacon, potato salad with bacon, and bacon chocolate bars for dessert. Mmmmm, bacon. My arteries are clogging up just thinking about it all. Here are some of the happy party-goers.

And the verdict on the bacon chocolate bars: not good! Yeah, I was pretty disappointed. It turns out it is chocolate with bits of real bacon in it. I was highly disappointed. Maybe my tastebuds just aren’t refined enough to appreciate it. Do your tastebuds have to be refined to appreciate bacon? I didn’t think so, but maybe they do. After that big let down we opted not to make and try the bacon chocolate chip cookie recipe I found online.

As fate would have it, it turns out that the grab bag of gems that Jerusha purchased off of the jewelry tv network were indeed a better investment. Who knew?

We finished out the evening with a fun-never-stops game of pin the tail on the pig. Thanks Dave for your great pig drawing skills. I can’t quite remember, but I think Katie won. It’s kind of funny, but most people were very distrustful of being blindfolded and spun around. Has life been so cruel to everyone that they automatically assume that we’re going to trick them once we get a blindfold on them? Well, truth be told I might have if I had thought of it earlier. Hmmm, maybe at the next bacon party.

Oh, and if any of you are curious about what a bacon chocolate bar tastes like, I’ve still got some at my house. Stop on by and I’ll let you have a taste. Mmmmm, bacon!



  1. Mel, this might just be the grossest (is that a word??) sounding candy in the world!!!! I don’t even know if I would be brave enough to try it. What a fun party though! Kate invited me but I wasn’t able to come. So sad I missed out but I might not be having a heart attack quite as soon as you will! 🙂

  2. It sounds like you had fun, despite the pig chocolate. 🙂 It has, however gotten my wheels spinning. I couldn’t help but think…we could do this. At $10 a candy bar, there must be a market for a T-bone Truffle! Just think of all the Uncle Verls in the world that might find that appealing. You’re the marketing guru, so we’ll have to talk. 🙂
    Love ya!

  3. I always thought that chocolate would go with anything…. guess I never thought about bacon.

    By the way, we went the whole season without making a connection. Apparently you know my sister, Jenn Barlow. Small world

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