Food is Not Love . . . Or is It?

As many of you know, I work at the Deseret Book corporate office. When I first started there I sat about 50 feet away from the President’s office (you know who I’m talking about). My sitting there resulted in many an awkward moment between us where I would try and crack jokes that fell flat, or accidentally blackmail her, etc., etc. Really, it’s a very long list of awkward moments.

The good thing about my relationship with her was that every time I saw her she didn’t seem to remember who I was. So I was given multiple opportunities to embarrass myself and they always seemed to be forgotten by the time the next opportunity rolled around.

Well, after working there for three years and attending her institute class for about six months, she finally recognizes me. Sure, she may not know my name, but there is definite face recognition.

About a year ago we moved office buildings and I no longer sit by her office. However, I do frequent her floor quite often as there is a big jar of M&Ms there. A couple of weeks ago I was mooching M&Ms as usual when she walked by. I offered her some, of her own M&Ms for those of you who can appreciate the irony in that, and she declined and told me to take the whole jar. I, realizing my only half funny joke had backfired, nervously declined, to which she firmly insisted repeatedly that I take them. Who am I to refuse the boss?

So, I took the jar down to my desk for a few days. (This is actually the second time this has happened to me, but the first time she said it was because she “didn’t need to have a heart attack.” Does that mean it’s ok for me to have one?) Well, I’m taking this all as a good sign that slowly but surely, I’m winning my way into her heart–until she reads this blog post (c’mon, I’m sure she frequents my blog). M&Ms, bringing people together. I think that should be their new slogan.

After looking at this picture I’m wondering if maybe she gave them to me because I look like I’m about to fall asleep. Maybe it wasn’t because she likes me, but because she wanted to give me a sugar rush so I could get some work done.

Nah! I’m sticking to my original theory. It makes me happy.



  1. Oh my gosh Mel, that is freaking hilarious! Good times working with those really “important” people and making the best of awkward moments. At least you got some M&M’s out of it. 🙂

  2. I found you through Whitney’s blog….hope you don’t mind. I laughed for a full minute on this post. m&ms….bringing people together….:)

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