Fortune Cookie Friday

It seems like it’s been kind of a long week (despite the fact that Monday was Memorial Day so it was actually a short week). At any rate, I was hoping for a fortune that was deep and insightful. I know, I know. I should really have a better grasp on my expectations by now because this is what my fortune said:

Well, I guess it’s relevant just the same. The fortune did make me a little bit mad because it got the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” song stuck in my head. But then I watched the music video for it and I was suddenly feeling ok again. Life could always be worse. Well, unless you’re they person who has to admit that they made the “Don’t Worry Be Happy” music video. That’s probably pretty close to rock bottom. Here’s to hoping that they kept humming this tune and were able to rebound and have a smashingly successful career.

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