Fortune Cookie Friday

Yikes! I’m so far behind on my blog that I can’t even keep up on Fortune Cookie Friday. I know you’ve all been missing this weekly post (you know, the one that I’ve only actually followed through with once), so here it is, today’s fortune:

I’m beginning to think that this fortune cookie writer is just trying to get on my good side. I mean, I’ll admit it, at first I was flattered by all of the nice things he was saying, but now it’s just getting a little bit old. I mean, tell me to “Beware of falling flower pots,” or “Approach big decisions carefully today” or something! Not all fortunes are positive, you know. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually looking for the black cloud here, but I’m just sayin’ are only good things going to come my way? Well, maybe I could get used to that.

Although really, maybe today’s fortune isn’t that great, after all. You see, I come from a fairly sarcastic family and I have extremely sarcastic friends, so getting someone to speak well of me can be tricky. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know they love me and all that, but they just show it by insulting me. Which, let’s be honest, I kind of prefer. I guess good fortune may be a little further away for me than I thought.


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  1. You are THE BEST!….for a lot of reasons that would take up way too much room in your comment blog. Love ya!
    Good things to follow!
    PS – I hope that means your parachute stays behind you. Now that would be the best luck of all. 🙂

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