Have Skeeball Table, Will Travel

Let’s not mince words. . . I’m a genius. Now I fully believe that some of you out there doubt me when I say that. Don’t worry, I’m not mad. What I am, is bound and determined to prove my geniusness (look, smart people make up words all the time) to any and all doubters and to simply reaffirm it to those who already believe.

Case in point: I work for the advertising/public relations/public involvement/interactive agency Penna Powers Brian Haynes (PPBH). The main client that I work with is called TravelWise. A few months ago we started talking about promoting the TravelWise program at events and fairs throughout the summer. But first, we had to come up with an idea/gimmick to get people into our booth so we could educate them. I brainstormed for awhile and then. . . an idea so good came to me that it can only be described as being a stroke of genius. The client approved and I went to work building.
First, I started with this (well, this and a dream, but I’ll spare you the details):
After a few weeks of work and genius thinking, the result was this:
That’s right, I built a skeeball table! Which some little kids broke on it’s first day out. But not to worry, I’ve got plenty of genius to spare, so I concocted a new plan, put in a little more work, and ended up with this:
Not only did I come up with the idea and plans to build this contraption, but I made it collapsable so that it can be folded up and hauled from event to event. Ta da! (I guess maybe I should have said that before I posted the picture of the table because it seems a bit anti-climactic now.)
So who wants to doubt my geniusness now? That’s what I thought. And if anyone is hankering for a game of skeeball, just give me a call.


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