A few months ago I discovered that I have an extreme fear of getting my picture taken. Not so much of the gather around in a group and say “cheese” kind of picture. But the me standing by myself and smiling kind of picture petrifies me. I’m serious, I’m not a fan.

So, in an effort to conquer my fears, I called up my friend Alie. She’s been doing photography for several years. I’ve seen her work (you can check it out here, so I knew she would get some great shots. Plus, because she knows me, I knew she could help me conquer my ridiculous fear of the camera. (As a side note, I tried to find out the official name for a fear of getting your picture taken. It turns out, there isn’t an official name. Although one Internet posting said it’s simply called “Being a Woman.” Good to know.)

Anyway, Alie did a great job. She made the whole process painless and easy and got some great shots. I put some of my favorites below (Seriously, there’s a lot of them, so brace yourself. What can I say? The camera loves me).

Just let me know if you need one of these in an 8″x10″ glossy format. I’d be happy to oblige. Thanks for your great work, Alie. I love them! Now I just need more frames so I can display these all over my house. Pictures of me in every room! That’s not weird, is it?



  1. I’ll take an 8×10 glossy. I would prefer it to be autographed and kissed with lipstick prints. And any special message you would like to add.

  2. LOVE this! Who would have known that underneath that fear was a very beautiful and-I must say- photogenic woman! Thanks for letting me do this shoot, I had a blast!

  3. Wow, Mel, you’re so brave, I’m proud of you! Gorgeous pictures by the way. (It just took me five attempts to spell gorgeous right, how embarrassing. I’ve been out of school for way too long.)

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