Rafting: Day 2

Day 2 started out with most of the group meeting at Ken’s house for a gourmet breakfast. After that we packed up, left Idaho Falls behind, and headed to Jackson.
Ken, quick, pretend like you’re shorter.
We went straight to the rafting place to check in and meet the rest of our group. Two people nearly missed the bus and two others did miss the bus. Ooops. Then it was off to the put in point on the Snake River.
Our group got split up 10 and 10 into two different boats. Two words: Awe Some! My boat “rode the bull” and jumped out and swam at a couple of points along the way. (Sorry, I haven’t ponied up to buy the pics yet, so you’ll have to settle for watermarks. If you’d like to see them without watermarks, you can send your $82.50 directly to me.)
Boat #1 with Ellie as the guide

My boat, guided by James with Amberly riding the bull up front
The bus dropped us back off at the let in place and we hung out until run #2.
My boat guided by Ellie with me riding the bull in the front.
Boat #2 guided by James. Notice Jessica in the water. She didn’t die.
On our second run we stopped part way down the river and had a bbq dinner. It was pretty awesome.
On the bus ride back it became apparent that the trip had impacted each of us differently. Uh, Kendall?

After rafting we went and set up our camp and hung out by the fire. Amazing day! Amazing trip! But wait, we’re not done yet. Stay tuned for Day #3.
Check marks for the Summer Fun Bucket Book: Rafting in Jackson Hole

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