Rafting – Day 3

Saturday morning we woke up to rain. But do you think that deterred us? Well, ok, it deterred some of us who decided to pack up and head home. But the rest of us were off to have fun. We headed down to Jackson to have a little fun. Might I add that after spending a day on the river, a night in a tent, and a morning in the rain, we all looked pretty great. Luckily, we were in Wyoming where they accept all kinds. Get ready for picture OVERLOAD!

Who wants to go to town? Yay!

I think we look a little out of place.

You can take the boy out of the city . . .

Our river rafting guides both told us that they have been asked “At what elevation do elk turn into moose?”  Obviously, Jackson is a fairly low elevation because we found this elk in town.

Jessica thought she saw Jacob Black in this wolf’s eyes.

Ken decided he wanted a “Summer Bucket Book” of his own. What’s on his list? Candy. Just candy.

The obligatory elk horn arch pic.

We took a couple of runs on the Alpine Slide.

Paul and I raced. He was way ahead of me when he decided he wanted to try riding down without his sled for a bit. It maybe wasn’t such a great idea. Victory!

Ken “happened” to have this blind man’s walking stick in his truck and pretended to be blind for the whole Alpine Slide experience. I feel bad for the next blind person who comes and asks if it’s safe and they’ll say “Yeah, we had this guy do it once. . .” It was pretty funny though.

We then headed back to camp and packed up. This was the stream by our campsite.

No fireworks? What? I don’t see a sign. C’mon, this is Wyoming! This was the first of MANY stops for photo opportunities on the way home.

Homeward bound.

Milkshakes in Driggs, ID. I think the sign said they are world famous. Sure, why not.

Let’s see, how would you market a drive in movie theater in Driggs, ID? I know! Put a flat bed truck out in front with a giant potato on it. The people will come from miles around! I guess it worked because here we are.

Quite possibly my favorite picture of the trip. Ken with a “fresh” potato in Driggs.

The fountain in Idaho Falls. It’s by Wal-Mart. All good things are by Wal-Mart.

Stopped to take a pic with the folks.

Ok, do you remember this lady from my last trip to Idaho? What happened to her clothes? I’m so confused and a little bit horrified. Is Martha’s restaurant turning into a strip joint? Blackfoot–the town that we know and love.

Fort Hall Indian Reservation provided minutes of fun. There was a little bit of a struggle to get me lifted onto the buffalo. Apparently I put on some weight on this trip (maybe it was the world famous milkshake). Seriously, I think I was laughing so hard in this pic that I almost wet my pants. Too much info? Sorry about that.

Chad, Jessica, Josh, and me on the buffalo. The look on Chad’s face kills me.

What to do when stopping by Fort Hall, ID? Well, after you ride the buffalo statue, stop by the casino. Stand out front holding a sarsaparilla that you are pretending is a beer and have the casino manager take your picture. Don’t go in though. When the manager tells you that there is a buffalo around the corner you might want to get pictures with and you say you already have, don’t offer to show him the pictures where you’re riding it.

Bathroom break.

Welcome to U. T. A. h. Nice work team. Is now a good time to vent about how much I hate Utah’s slogan “Life Elevated?” I think somebody tried to get too cutesy with it. What does it even mean? “Ski Utah” at least meant something. I got that. But “Life Elevated?” Really? I’m sorry, please try again.

There are several funny things about this picture (besides the grotesque look on my face). First, it was taken on my new camera–nice focus. Second, it was taken by the only “tech expert” in the car–nice focus. The real great part about this is that it captured the moment after Chad found my brand new phone . . . on top of my car . . . after we drove a mile . . . at 75 mph . . . on I-15 . . . where we had stopped to take pictures with the Welcome to Utah sign . . . where I opened my sunroof and put my phone on the roof . . . and forgot about it. I am really grateful that 1) I heard it bouncing around up there and realized my phone was gone; 2) Chad thought to look on the roof while the rest of us grabbed flashlights and headed out onto the freeway at night (it didn’t occur to any of us to call it and see if it lit up); and 3) that it is as heavy as a brick and had only moved a little bit.

Here we are dropping Jessica off. I guess she knocked me out and is showing off her muscles while Josh and Chad cheer. That’s mean.

Next Chad got dropped off. I think he fainted at the thought of Jessica’s muscles. We still cheered.

Next Josh went home. What? The trip is over? Sad.

And then there was one. It took us 9 hours to make the 5 hour drive. Lots of adventure. Should I put “ride a buffalo” on my bucket list? I’m already planning next year’s adventure. So much fun! Goodnight everybody.

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