Rafting: Pre-Trip and Day 1

The Summer Fun Bucket Book really began with a single item on it: Rafting Trip to Jackson Hole. We’ve all seen that the list grew just a tiny bit from there, but the rafting trip has always been the much anticipated item. Last weekend I made my way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with 21 of my friends for our whitewater adventure. We took a few pictures, so I’ll spare you and break it down into a few different posts.

The pre-meeting the Sunday before the big trip where I may or may not have given everybody an itinerary. Hey, everyone needs to be informed, right? Don’t judge me! And please, nobody sit on the blankets.
After the meeting, a few of us went geo caching. I’d never been but had just installed an application on my phone for it. There was one right by my house so we decided to check it out.
We went to leave Thursday night and ended up hanging out in the parking lot for awhile because of a little car trouble. All part of the adventure.
Thursday night we stayed at my brother Russ’s house. He has a stage in his basement so Jessica and Rebekah put on a little show for us all. Just be glad I didn’t post the video of it. I mean . . . great job guys! Thanks a ton!

This is what happens when you try to go to bed early. Rebekah, meet Ken. I believe his wrestling name is “The Flying Monkey.”

Russ also has a theater room so a lot of the group just kicked it and watched a movie. Then it was off to bed to get ready for Friday’s adventure.
Check marks for the Summer Fun Bucket Book: Geo Caching


  1. Wow! I wish I was single!:) Looks like you’re livin’ the good life. What’s up with the itinerary Marcia?:) I mean that in the nicest way possible!:)

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