Remember When . . .

Remember when I had a birthday in September? Well, here’s a recap of all of the birthday festivities:

That’s right, the big three-oh. The day before my birthday I went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with a bunch of my coworkers.

The morning of my birthday was spent standing in line for free Boyz II Men concert tickets. We sat out in a parking lot for a couple of hours to score the 42 tickets we needed.

We ended up with a huge group. This is a few of us before the concert. Notice my custom-made birthday shirt that says “Puma on the Prowl.” I learned just before my birthday that a 30-something girl who dates 20-something guys is called a puma. That’s right, bring it on!

This is my favorite video because you can just hear everyone screaming and singing along. That’s how the entire concert was — a bunch of people my age-ish reliving their middle school days. So fun!
For the encore my friend, Jerusha and I rushed the stage. We were so close. Jerusha even touched one of them. Oh, to be so lucky.

I don’t know what it is about this little coin pushing game at the fair, but I LOVE IT! Sadly, it wasn’t a very successful night at the machines. Still, the carnie made sure I walked away with a birthday prize of a necklace and a dirty stuffed animal. Um, thanks?

No trip to the fair would be complete without a funnel cake. Hey! Why’s Jerusha eating MY funnel cake?

I decided I want to learn to play the guitar, so I went and picked up this beauty and signed up for lessons. I have no idea if it’s a good guitar or not, I just bought it because it was pretty. Sadly, I’m not a rock star yet. I am working on it though.

In the tradition of so many of my birthdays, a few of us went to Red Robin so I could claim my free birthday burger. I love that place. However, we did have a repeat of last year with no one in the restaurant and slower than slow service. I think our waitress was also playing the role of hostess, bar tender, bus boy, cook, and dishwasher.

I guess it’s a new birthday tradition to take a picture trying to ride the carousel horse. See, this is what happens when the service is bad and we are left to ourselves for too long.

Just to clarify, by “No Wait” they mean “30 minutes or more when there are no other customers in the restaurant.”

It was a great day with a lot of great memories. Maybe 30 won’t be so bad after all.


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