So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good Night!

So, in an attempt to avoid many an awkward conversation, I’m just going to put all of this out into the blogging world.  Here goes . . .

Last Thursday at 4:30 I was told that due to the bad economy and some restructuring, I was no longer employed–effective immediately.  So, I found a box, packed up my desk, passed on the projects I was working on, and by 6 was out on the street.  Literally.  Apparently there were 16 of us in all that got let go from the Deseret Book corporate office.
While the whole process of losing a job (no matter how or why) is fairly brutal, I’m not really panicked.  Not yet at least.  First of all, I would much rather be laid off than fired.  Second, as much as I hate that other people, my friends, are going through this, it is nice to not be alone in the ordeal.  I mean there are sixteen of us.  We’re thinking about forming a Facebook group “I Got Laid Off from the DB.”  Anyone want to join?  Third, I’m the kind of person that always needs a challenge and this could prove to be a pretty good challenge.  🙂
Friday I decided to take it easy, and tomorrow I will begin refining my resume, updating my portfolio, and getting started on the job search.  I really believe that this all happened for a reason and that there is something better suited for me out there.  If any of you know what that is, please feel free to fill me in.  I’ve got a degree in Advertising with minors in English and Business Management.
That’s it in a nutshell.  Just thought you’d like to know.


  1. Too funny! No need to hate Sheri or the DB, that’s just the way things work sometimes. Although as I was packing up my desk I did ask my boss “Do you think if Sheri knew my name and not just my face, I’d still have a job?” 🙂

  2. Well – Deseret Book does start with a D and end (sorta) with a B -just like another word I know – DUMB! Well, maybe a little grade-school-ish, but hey it’s my sis. They shouldn’t mess.

    On the other hand – yea – maybe we’ll get to see you more.
    Love ya! 🙂

  3. Crazy how life can just flip upside down over night. Hopefully your positive attitude will take your far and get you a new job fast. I’ll keep my eyes out, I “get people jobs” you know! 😉 Or at least that’s what everyone thinks anyone who works at the Department of Workforce Services does…

  4. Are you kidding? We just got a posting at the UofU for an Marketing/PR/Ad Intern. Its not paid either. Down with the DB thinking they can replace Mel with an inten. Todd W.

  5. Mel. I miss ya. Can we still be friends? We should all have dinner sometime after the holidays. And don’t worry, I’ll keep collecting headshots for you.

  6. Melanie,
    I feel so bad. I finally go to Salt Lake and look you up, and they tell me you are no longer working there. I told Kent I hoped that you had found something better. So I come back home and read your blog and get the scoop.You have so much going for you. I wish you luck on finding a good job fast. Love ya Karen Gray

  7. Mel, you are one of the most capable and creative people I know. If you want to do somehting you do it and you make it work. You are going to find what you were meant to do because of this! So congrats on a bright and exciting future ahead!…..and I am no longer buying anything from DB…not really an option anyway since I live in CA but when I’m in Utah I will not be seduced by their Lion House rolls or the new EFY CD. Love ya.

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