Sometimes, You Just Want to Be Jello

Lately, I’ve found myself wishing I was Jello. Now I fully understand that crème brûlée can never be Jello, and really, there’s nothing wrong with being crème brûlée, but sometimes I just get a little envious of the Jello.

Did I lose you somewhere? I’ll explain. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and make friends with some fabulous people. In fact, just last week I went to the Evo Conference, where I rubbed shoulders with great women who are pretty big deals in the blogging and business world. It was an awesome experience, but soon I started looking at everyone else and wishing I was more outgoing, funnier, friendlier, smarter, you know, more . . . Jello-like.

I think we’ve all been there. Please, tell me we’ve all been there! If we haven’t all been there, at least have the decency to lie to me about it.

The thing is, what do I think would be different about my life if I were Jello? And how boring would it be if EVERYONE were Jello?

My point is this, I’m me, you’re you, and really, that’s exactly the way it should be. I need to be the best ME I can be and stop worrying about how my palms get sweaty when anyone talks about a networking event, or how I’m overly skilled at creating awkward moments, or how I don’t have moves like Jagger. Although really, I can’t say I’ve ever seen him dance, and I’m highly doubtful that he really has moves at all. But I digress.

I guess in the end, I’ll keep being crème brûlée, and you can keep being Jello, and together, we can be pretty awesome.



  1. Pudding?!?! Well if that doesn’t sound like the perfect combination of Jello and crème brûlée then I don’t know what does! Thanks for being one of those fabulous people! And thanks for putting up with the fact that I’ve used way too many exclamation points in this comment!!!!

  2. This is a notion that has crossed my mind a lot since I’ve been out in PA for grad school. (Here starts my mini novel of a response, bear with me!) I’m a natural leader if you will, yet a bossy one at that. (Not to toot my horn but to make a real point.) This leader role has made me the official president of “The Cool Kids Club” in my tiny branch. It’s mostly a joke but there is some seriousness to it. I am in charge of lots of things. I take the lead on things that need to get done in the branch that no one has assigned as a calling. Sometimes I’m bossy when I’m in charge. I help those who don’t know how to be in charge of something, be in charge. I usually still end up being the primary leader as I help them and sometimes I boss them around while I’m at it. I also lead our little group of friends (with much less bossing, or I wouldn’t still have friends, ha!) “Oh a holiday is coming up, Katey is probably going to plan something.” That is what I suspect goes through most people’s mind and then I tend to follow through and come up with something.

    I hate this trait sometimes. I don’t want to always be the leader and I especially don’t want to be bossy. It’s a lot of work to be the leader. I often complain to one friend about how I wish someone else would be the leader for once. I wish someone else would say “Hey, it’s the forth of July, lets do XYZ!” But that rarely, if ever, happens. This friend made the point that some people don’t know how to be leaders or don’t want to be leaders. What a crappy world it would be if we all were leaders. Nothing would ever get done. We also talk about my bossiness. He said that sometimes people need someone who is bossy to tell them what to do and when. It’s not always as bad as I think. It actually helps at times.

    So my point…we are who we are for a reason. Our traits have significance in the world around us. Sometimes we don’t like the way we are. We want to be more like so and so, or better at this and that. I want to be less bossy. I want to be less controlling. I want to be a better listener. But ya know what, I’m pretty good at being what I already am. I’m a good leader, I’m good at being bossy. Yes it’s not always ideal but it’s who I am. I have a really hard time just accepting that. Your post has reminded me again that we are all who we are for a reason. Heavenly Father intended us to be the unique individuals we are!

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