Summer 2010

I don’t know if you know this, but summer is gone. With that being said, I think it’s finally time to close out the rest of the posts about the Summer Fun Bucket Book. I hate getting behind in posting because that means I only skim over each event. That’s probably something which you readers are grateful for. So, here’s some more of what happened in the Summer of 2010:

A few of us went to see an outdoor movie at the State Capitol. A bigger group of us also went again a few weeks later. (The next time I try to take a self portrait, will somebody please stop me? Thank you in advance.)

Chad Meeks, Paul Hales, Me, and Josh Wilson

Last Thanksgiving I bought a boating trip with the Bishop at our ward service auction. We finally got out and took advantage of a beautiful August day. The trip got off to a rough start when not five minutes after we got the boat on the lake a wakeboard (still zipped in its case) flew up and hit the Bishop’s daughter and split her head open. We sat on the lake for awhile while Sister Crosland drove up to get her. After hundreds of stitches, she was good as new. As for the rest of us, we had a good time just hanging out on the water.

Paul Hales, Bishop Crosland, Me, Rebekah Brough, and Josh Wilson
Over Labor Day weekend I went to Bear Lake for the first time (sorry, no pics) and then up to a condo in Park City with friends. The condo was right on Main Street and it just so happens that Park City has its Miners Day celebration . . . which includes a parade!
Scott Garduno, Sharley Thayne, Jacque Uresk, Jessica Foust, Josh Wilson, Justin Davies, Paul Hales, and Me

 Maybe Chad is right. Maybe I do need to lose a little bit of weight.

There was a group of guys from a fitness club that were flipping this giant tractor tire down the entire parade route. We were near the end and they looked pretty tired, so I offered to help. “Sure guys, no problem, I’ll help you.”

We took a trip to the State Fair. Mostly so I could eat another funnel cake. Mmmmm, funnel cake.

Me, Paul Hales, and Jessica Foust 

Jacque Uresk, Jessica Foust, and Quade Reynolds

Checkmarks for the Summer Fun Bucket Book: Outdoor movie; boating


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