The 2010 Summer Fun Bucket Book!

Last year I made a summer “to-do” list. I’m not sure I accomplished a single thing on that list. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good summer, just not very adventurous. I decided this year was going to be a Summer of adventure and fun. So far, it’s working.

I’ve posted what my brother lovingly refers to as the “Summer Fun Bucket Book” on the right side of this blog. I’ve checked off the things I’ve already done. I’m really intent on making it through the whole thing. It’s been a great summer so far. Here’s to the next two months!

May 8: 5K run

May 12: Bees Baseball Game
All Summer: Pitching for the softball team “Predators” It’s my first time being the pitcher. Apparently I pitch with my mouth open. The name on the back of the shirt says “Bruiser.” People think it’s because I’m tough. Really, it’s because I’m accident prone.
May 24: Hike Ensign Peak in Salt Lake
June 4-5: Trip to Idaho to . . .
shoot lots of guns,
play frisbee golf,
ride 4-wheelers,
play softball with “the secret weapon,”
hone our Wii Bowling skills,
practice stupid human tricks like putting a gummy bear on your nose and then catching it in your mouth, and
stop for photo ops on the way home.


June 12: Canada Toronto East Mission Reunion
June 17: Bought cowboy boots and Wranglers to go . . . 
June 18: Strawberry Days Rodeo
and June 19: Diamond Rio Concert

June 24-26: Tri-Ward Super Activity to Martin’s Cove in Wyoming. Rebekah and I may or may not have taken a wading pool that may or may not have had a warning label telling you not to dive into it.
That’s the summer so far. I’ve got lots more adventures planned. I’m really going to try to get through the whole list. Stay tuned for more updates and more fun!
Check marks for the Summer Fun Bucket Book: 5K, Bees Game, Softball, Hike Ensign Peak, Shoot Guns, Frisbee Golf, Ride 4-Wheelers, Rodeo, Outdoor Concert, Martin’s Cove


  1. LOVE the pics!!!! i’m SO happy to have you as my Summer of Fun Adventure buddy =)
    p.s. our team name is “Punishers” not “Predators” 😉 come on mel…pay attention!!

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