The All-Star Trash Talkers

It’s official – I’m a playa! Well, a softball player at least. That’s right, I started a co-ed softball team. We’re playing Tuesday nights in Bountiful, so anyone who wants to come and cheer us on is welcome (I’ll post a full schedule when I get one). The upside is that we have a really big team that is just out to have fun. The downside is we’re playing in the competitive league which I’m told is pretty intense. Given that little fact, and the facts that I am highly uncoordinated and fairly accident prone, our team name is “The All-Star Trash Talkers.” I figure if you can’t win the games you might as well talk trash while you play. Who knows, we actually might have a decent team. In any case, we’ll look pretty sweet playing. Check out our shirts:

Maybe they’re dumb, but they make me smile. Can’t wait to see you at all of our games. I’ll be #00, which consequently happens to also be my batting average. Go figure.


PS – That’s not me modeling the shirt. I know someone would ask.


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