The Birthday Countdown Revisited

Now that you know what my birthday festivities consisted of, I thought you should know what my pre-birthday was like. Remember my ambition to do something exciting every day before my birthday? I called it 30 days before 30. Well, here are some of the things I did:

WARNING: some of the things may seem lame, but the idea was to just do something out of my daily routine, exciting or not. So don’t judge. That’s all I’m asking.
8/20: Stayed up late to watch my new movie “Singin‘ in the Rain”
8/21: Went to the Relief Society Retreat
8/22: Bought new running shoes
8/23: Drank a rootbeer (I had sworn off soda for awhile)
8/24: Rode a horse
8/28: Went to a movie (Julie and Julia)
8/29: Got a frozen hot chocolate from a local chocolate shop run by little people (Hatch’s)
8/30: Made Freezer jam
8/31: Watched an movie outside
9/1: Made picture frames
9/2: Went out to dinner (Biaggi’s = yum!)
9/4: Went to see a punk band in Provo
9/5: Went to the temple
9/6: Had dinner at a friend’s house
9/7: Cleaned my house (I said don’t judge)
9/8: Went shopping in Park City
9/9: Had dessert at a restaurant I’d never been to (Sego Lily Cafe)
9/11: Went to a party
9/12: Went to the Greek Festival
9/13: Went to a party
9/14: Ran
9/17: Went on a date
So, I didn’t quite make it to 30 things, but 22 isn’t bad. I’m sure I did fun things on the other days too. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. There are still some things I would like to do from that list. If all else fails, I can use them for next year’s 31 before 31.

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