Wedding Weekend

Again, not my wedding. Why must everyone always jump to conclusions? I’m way behind on this blogging thing, but I’m trying to pace myself as I catch up so as to not overwhelm all of my blog stalkers with my extreme wittiness and keen insights on life. (Overkill on the confidence level? Possibly.)

So on 08-08-08 my cousin/former roommate/friend Pam got married (along with 122 other couples in the Salt Lake Temple. They didn’t all marry each other, they all just happened to get married on the same day in the same place. Still with me?) It was a fun day to celebrate with them and catch up with family and friends. Here is the happy couple making their grand debut:

Now this next one I debated about posting. A lot of mushiness. I’m not good at dealing with mushiness, but here it is anyway.

So as we were waiting for them to come out we saw several other brides and grooms come out. It was kind of entertaining to watch these people you have no connection to on their big day. In the illustrious words of my cousin Katie, “There’s a Jack for every Jill.” It’s true. I’m going to leave it at that.

Anyway, it seems like no matter who the couple is, the same thing happens when they walk out those doors. They walk out all excited and smiling. Everyone cheers. They kiss (now this is sometimes an incredibly awkward moment which leaves one wondering if they didn’t rehearse that moment enough). And then, everyone stands there staring, afraid to approach, and not sure what is supposed to happen next. I’ve been to a lot of weddings in my day and I have never seen this not happen. Eventually the photographer takes charge and starts herding everyone here and there and getting down to business, but for those few moments there seems to be a lot of awkwardness. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and if anyone has a great theory about why this happens, I’d love to hear it.
Well, congrats to Pam and Ben and the other 122 happy couples (just in case I know any of you Jacks and Jills). But especially congrats to Pam and Ben!


  1. so i’m at a conference in park city and i’m just chillin’ and taking advantage of the free internet and not really having to pay attention to anything said even though it cost $200 for me to be here. good use of church funds? good question. don’t answer that. i love your blog. just like always you are HILARIOUS.

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