Weed Dating? Really?

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I imagine most conversations start something like this at your typical “weed dating” event:

Guy: “I’ve been watching you from across the garden, and I couldn’t help but notice how good you are at telling the weeds apart from the crops. You’re just the kind of woman I’ve always dreamed of meeting.”

Girl: *Nervously Giggles*

Then, while reaching for the same weed, their gloved hands touch. It’s magical. They look up and their eyes meet in a slightly bashful, yet longing gaze. Years later they’ll retell this story to their seven kids and 35 grandkids, no doubt with some sort of cheesy analogy about how they met in a garden and their love has “grown wild and free ever since.”

Weed dating. WEED dating? WEED DATING!

Ok. Can we PLEASE talk about this?

It’s speed dating . . . while pulling weeds. Get it? “Weed Dating.”

Look, you don’t get to be single and 32 without seeing your fair share of weird dating ideas, but this one ranks pretty high on the list of “Reasons I’m Embarrassed to be Single.” It is also pretty high on the “Reasons I’m Embarrassed to be from Idaho” and “Reasons I’m Embarrassed for Other People” lists.I think we can easily put this one in the “Dating Hall of Shame.”The way I see it, some people needed their garden weeded and with a little creative thinking, they came up with a way to not only have someone else do it, but to get them to pay money for the privilege. Those people are geniuses! The people attending weed dating? Maybe not so much.

But what do I know? My yard is clearly of out of control these days.

I should think about hosting my own weed dating activity. Let’s see, people would pay me. My yard would finally get the love and attention it deserves. I could work it with any of the single fellas who show up.

I take back every bad thing I said.

I have a small yard, so space is limited. ACT NOW!

Who’s ready to sign up?


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